July 22, 2018

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Syria Chemical Attack

Collection of informations

No trace of chemical weapons at alleged attack site in Douma – Russian military


The Russian military has found no trace of chemical weapons use after searching parts of Syria’s Douma allegedly targeted by an “attack.” Photos of victims posted by the White Helmets are fake, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

Experts in radiological, chemical and biological warfare, as well as medics, on Monday inspected the parts of the Eastern Ghouta city of Douma, where an alleged chemical attack supposedly took place on Saturday, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

read more: https://www.rt.com/news/423627-russian-military-checks-chemical-douma/

Airstrike hit T-4 Airbase in Syria after deadly chemical attack is blamed on Assad


Syrian state TV and witnesses said late Sunday that airstrikes had hit a military airport near the city of Homs shortly after a suspected chemical attack that killed at least 40 people in a suburb of the capital city, Damascus, over the weekend.

read more: https://redice.tv/news/airstrike-hit-t-4-airbase-in-syria-after-deadly-chemical-attack-is-blamed-on-assad 

Liberman signals Trump didn’t consult with Israel on Syria withdrawal


Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Sunday said US President Donald Trump did not ask for Israel’s view before announcing his planned withdrawal of American troops from Syria, adding that the Jewish state will likely have to operate “alone” against its various enemies.

He also slammed international criticism of the killing of nine Palestinians during Friday’s clashes on the Gaza border, branding it “hypocrisy” and claiming there were “no innocent people in Gaza.” He later clarified that his use of the Hebrew word tamim was intended to mean not “innocent,” but “naive.”

“President Trump didn’t ask me,” Liberman said when asked during an interview with Israel Radio about the US plan to leave Syria, despite Israeli fears of Iranian-backed terror groups encroaching on its northern border.”I wouldn’t presume to give advice that hasn’t been requested from me.”

read more: http://www.timesofisrael.com/liberman-trump-didnt-consult-with-israel-on-syria-withdrawal/

 Syria Denies Report Of Poison Gas Attack In Eastern Ghouta


Opposition activists and rescuers in Syria say there has been a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta with many casualties. The government of Bashar Assad has denied the allegations.

read more: https://www.npr.org/2018/04/08/600625677/syria-denies-report-of-poison-gas-attack-in-eastern-ghouta

 Syrian Army Reportedly Finds NATO, Israeli-Made Weapons in Daesh Arsenal (VIDEO)


The discovery comes amid several ongoing operations by the Syrian military to secure and clear areas freed from the jihadists in the country's east and southwest.

A Syrian army mop up operation in the villages of al-Salehiyeh, al-Dowayer, al-Kashmeh and Sabikhan in eastern Deir ez-Zor governate has discovered several major Daesh (ISIS) weapons and ammunition depots containing Israeli and NATO weapons, the Syrian Arab News Agency reports, providing video evidence of the find.

read more: https://sputniknews.com/military/201804051063241037-syrian-army-finds-weapons-stockpile-in-deir-ez-zor/

 Every time John McCain makes secret trips to Syria, chemical weapon attacks follow


Senator John McCain made a secret trip to a Kurdish-held region in northern Syria the week of February 20th, 2017, to speak with US military officials, rebel fighters, and leaders in the region.

McCain spokeswoman, Julie Tarallo, confirmed that McCain made this secret trip, calling it a “valuable opportunity to assess dynamic conditions on the ground in Syria and Iraq.”

read more: http://theduran.com/every-time-john-mccain-makes-secret-trips-to-syria-chemical-weapon-attacks-follow/

The Man Who Took John McCain into Syria


Even though I had known about his work for some time, the first time I met Mouaz Moustafa in person was a few months ago in June 2013 at the Brookings Institution U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar. Only a few weeks earlier, Mr. Moustafa had successfully helped United States Senator John McCain (R-AZ) enter into Syria from Turkey to meet with members of Syrian resistance rebel forces.

As the executive director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force- an American nonprofit that helped organize the McCain trip- Mouaz Moustafa played an integral role in bringing Senator McCain into Syria and he recently spoke to me about how he was able to successfully bring McCain into a civil war in one of the bloodiest hotspots in the Middle East today.

read more: http://www.theislamicmonthly.com/the-man-who-took-john-mccain-into-syria/


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