July 22, 2018

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Catherine Oxenberg’s daughter, India, identified as ‘Criminal Co-Conspirator’ in sex-slaver NXIVM cult

12.4.2018  https://artvoice.com/

India Oxenberg, daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, has been revealed as a co-conspirator in a criminal complaint against cult leader Keith Raniere. 

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare.

India Oxenberg, daughter of Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg, has been revealed as a co-conspirator in a criminal complaint against cult leader Keith Raniere.  Raniere was arrested March 25 in Mexico and deported to the USA where he now faces charges of sex trafficking.

Raniere, leader of the notorious NXIVM cult, is to be arraigned on Friday at 2 pm in federal court in Brooklyn. A shocking revelation found in the criminal complaint against Raniere is that India Oxenberg, 27, is a co-conspirator with Raniere’s in his sex trafficking master-slave group. In the criminal complaint, India is referred to as ‘co-conspirator #2.’ and is revealed she is a ‘slave’ of former Smallville actress, Allison Mack, referred to as ‘co-conspirator #1.’

Mack may be arrested Friday.

The inclusion of India Oxenberg as co-conspirator is shocking and sad. India’s mother, Catherine Oxenberg, started a crusade to rescue her daughter from NXIVM last year and brought worldwide attention to the vicious sex-slaver cult.  Now her daughter may be charged with human trafficking. Many, including Catherine, believe India is brainwashed.

What make it more ironic is that, had it not been for Catherine, many additional women would have likely entered the sex cult, been blackmailed and branded. But for Catherine’s efforts to shine a light on the cult, authorities may not have acted to stop Raniere and Mack until 100s of other women had been enslaved. Now imagine a mother’s horror: Heroic Catherine went public to make a stand against Raniere.  She faced threats, efforts at intimidation and retaliation. Catherine shared her fears for her daughter with the world: Her daughter was brainwashed, blackmailed and branded – and she was trying get her to leave the cult. The world took note. Through the New York Times to People Magazine to 20/20 to the Today Show and literally hundreds of other media  – millions of people learned about her daughter’s plight and felt sympathy for this desperate mom trying to save her daughter from a deeply sinister cult.

read more: https://artvoice.com/2018/04/12/catherine-oxenbergs-daughter-india-identified-criminal-co-conspirator-sex-slaver-nxivm-cult/#.Ws9p92BuI0M

Genealogie Catherine Oxenberg

Catherine Oxenberg is the American-born daughter of Yugoslavia's Princess Elizabeth, a descendant of the Serbian Karađorđević dynasty. She is best known for her role as Amanda Carrington, long-lost daughter of Alexis Carrington (Joan Collins), in the prime time serial Dynasty and as British secret agent Ashley Hunter-Caddington in the 1993 syndicated weekly Acapulco H.E.A.T.



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Last modified on Monday, 16 April 2018 10:19

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