August 15, 2018

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Report: Hamas Using Facebook To Coordinate Attacks on Gaza Strip

17.5.2018 A man identified only as a Hamas terrorist reveals the tactics the organization has forced citizens to take part in the riots taking place in the Gaza Strip, including the use of Facebook to give instructions of when and where to go.

“Hamas is the one that sends us Facebook and text messages telling us to go and in the mosques they call and send fliers that tell us to go to the fence,” said the unidentified man shortly after he was arrested by Israeli Defense Forces for breaching the border into Israel.

“They control the Gaza Strip, and everything that happens there goes through them,” the man said of Hamas.

In the video, released by the IDF, the man — whose face is not shown — claims Hamas organizes the protests not because of something Israel has done, but as a way to avoid having citizens of Gaza revolt against Hamas.

“Hamas organizes these riots so that the people won’t revolt. Hamas tell themselves, instead of having people revolt and turn against us, we’ll send them to the fence and let them ‘revolt’ there freely,” he claimed.

read more & video :


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