April 26, 2018

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NWO (13)

20.4.2018  http://yournewswire.com

Bill Gates has announced plans for a satellite network that will provide imagery and live video of “every inch of the planet” in virtually real time and at a resolution high enough to capture in “great detail” the activity of each of Earth’s seven billion inhabitants. 

17.4.2018 https://voiceofeurope.com

US billionaire George Soros is at talks in Brussels in order to get Hungary and the Hungarian people punished because they voted for ruling Fidesz, which rejects immigration, instead of his candidates at the recent general election, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Monday.

16.4.2018 https://www.lightonconspiracies.com/china-is-breeding-its-population/

Two and a half years ago, we were one of the first to writeabout China’s new “social credit score” program, which rewards obedient citizens and punishes rebellious can-do-betters.

9.4.2018 By JOE BARNES, BRUSSELS CORRESPONDENT  https://www.express.co.uk

ARCH europhile Guy Verhofstadt has made a shock admission that “eurosceptics are not wrong” when they criticise the European Union and the bloc’s failings.

8.4.2018   http://www.pi-news.net/

Peukert hat einen Artikel zur sogenannten Migration verfasst, der sich ausschließlich und emotionslos den juristischen Fakten dieser Invasion widmet.

3.4.2018 By  https://voiceofeurope.com/

Former Czech president Vaclav Klaus said in his new book that the migrant crisis is comparable to the barbarian invasion of the ancient world which caused large-scale regression in the development of Europe, an event it recovered from only after several centuries.

2.4.2018  Von INXI  http://www.pi-news.net

Im Jahre 2014 formierte sich – vor allem in Sachsen – ein immer stärker werdender Widerstand gegen die Umvolkungspläne des Kartells in Deutschland und Europa.

3.4.2018  Von Michael Steiner   https://www.contra-magazin.com/

Mittels eines Flüchtlingsdeals mit dem UNHCR wollte Israels Premierminister tausende Afrikaner ungefragt nach Deutschland und Italien abschieben. Nun stockt das Ganze ein wenig.

2.4.2018 By HUNGARY JOURNAL    https://voiceofeurope.com/

“If we make even one step towards becoming an immigrant country, there’s no going back”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned in Echo TV’s Bayer Show programme on Sunday. Orban warned of the “background forces” behind the opposition parties, who would dictate to them if they win.

31.3.2018 Von Wolfgang van de Rydt  https://www.journalistenwatch.com/

Was sich hinter den „Vereinten Nationen“ verbirgt, die Deutschland immer noch als Feindstaat einstufen, ist Kennern der Materie längst klar. Doch immer noch werden die Pläne der „Replace Migration“ hartnäckig als rechte Verschwörungstheorie in den Qualitätsmedien negiert

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