August 17, 2018

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Alter Egos! WEIRD and STRANGE Celebrity Humanoid/Clone/Demon Behaviours! 'GET OUT' from The Music Industry, Illuminati & Hollywood

Part 1: PROOF Lucifer runs the MUSIC INDUSTRY..  and more about the satanic music industry

27.4.2018 Proposal mirrors that suggested by UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

24.4.2018 South Korean scientists have developed a mind control system that turns mice into ‘cyborgs’ who act like human shopaholics.

27.1.2017 These pigs aren't going to be thinking human thoughts anytime soon.

8.11.2017 "We are entering totally new ground here."

Ende der Lüge

April 28, 2018

27.3.2018 Wissen all die Menschen die kein Internet nutzen von dem Durchbruch der Wahrheit der sich in in den letzten Jahren immer deutlicher zeigt?

27.4.2018  Earlier, we talked a bit about how crestfallen the Democrats, the NeverTrumpers, and their media allies are. 

25.12.2017 "When the recommendations are will cause an earthquake here," former police adviser Lior Horev said.

26.4.2018 Die FH Dortmund bietet den Studiengang Flüchtlingshilfe an.

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