August 19, 2018

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10.5.2018 After dodging questions about his involvement in the discredited Trump Dossier, John McCain has finally admitted he directly gave the dossier to former FBI director James Comey.

9.5.2018 Michael Avenatti, porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, released a seven-page dossier on Tuesday containing a list of payments purportedly made to Michael Cohen, the lawyer for President Donald Trump.

9.5.2018 Heute um kurz nach Mitternacht kam per email die Exekutions-Nachricht von Youtube: Mein Kanal, der vermutlich die größte islamkritische Video-Plattform in Deutschland darstellte, ist komplett gelöscht worden.

9.5.2018 New polling from YouGov has highlighted increasing pessimism when it comes to the future of the European Union, with less than half of voters in France and Sweden saying that they’d vote to remain in the EU if their country had a referendum.

8.5.2018 After twice denying their existence – first lying to the ACLJ, and then once caught, claiming it had turned over all documents to the ACLJ – the FBI Deep State has just admitted in federal court that is has found new documents – 16 pages and 2 text messages – that it will be forced to turn over to the ACLJ by the end of the month.

7.5.2018 New York AG Eric Schneiderman promised to bring down EPA’s transparency plan hours before a slew of domestic abuse charges brought down the climate crusading lawman.

7.5.2018 Paris court of appeal fined Eric Zemmour 5,000 euros for inciting hatred against Muslims, TRT reports. 

This great book details how black nobility families and their various cohorts have gained obscene profits from monopolies over the opium and cocaine trade, and intend to bring about the One World government.


26.04.2018 It has become apparent over the past few years how far those in the mainstream media will go to protect fellow liberal Democrats.

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