August 19, 2018

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Mini-human brains with their own BLOD VESSELS are grown in the lab

Mini-human brains with their own BLOD VESSELS are grown in the lab for the first time in a breakthrough that could help stroke victims

  • Human brains grown from stem cells have developed their own blood supply 
  • Scientists produced the brains in a lab and transferred it to the brain of a mouse 
  • The blood flow will allow larger brains to be developed in the future  
  • Researchers hope the development can help heal stroke victims  

    Miniature human brains with their own blood vessels have been grown in a lab for the first time. 

    After implanting the mini-brain - which is only a millimetre long - into a mouse for two weeks, they found it had grown capillaries that penetrated all the way to its inner layers. 

    The achievement could help researchers grow bigger brains in an effort to better study how the organ works.

    In the future, researchers hope to use the artificial brain tissue to cure stroke victims.

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